Sumas Environmental Services Inc.  

Sumas Environmental Services Inc. (Sumas) is a full service waste management and environmental services company specializing in all phases of site remediation, industrial and hazardous waste management and pollution prevention.

Services provided by Sumas include the off-site treatment and disposal of contaminated soil and industrial and hazardous wastes and sludges, to turnkey site remediation and clean up. Sumas is the preferred service company for providing a once-and-for-all solution to your environmental and waste treatment needs. With four treatment facilities in Western Canada, Sumas is able to provide a broad range of services to our customers, which include:

Site Remediation and Environmental Contracting, including excavation, UST removals, transportation of contaminated soil, implementation of remedial measures such as onsite bio-cells, vapour extraction, groundwater treatment, soil and sludge stabilization and thermal oxidation.

Soil Treatment and Disposal for contaminated soil including Special Waste at the Abbotsford and Burnaby facilities. Sumas also operates temporary bio-cell in several municipal landfills in Western Canada for the treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated soil.

Hazardous and Industrial Wastes Treatment and Disposal including solids, sludges and contaminated water at the Burnaby and Alberta facilities.

Industrial Services, Equipment Rental, and Emergency Response includes confined space entry and industrial tank and equipment cleaning, wastewater treatment equipment rental, and the dispatch of trained emergency response personnel and Sumas owned equipment such as pumps, loaders, excavators, and vacuum truck to the site of the spill.

Sumas operates four waste treatment facilities: Abbotsford and Burnaby, BC, and Edmonton and Big Valley, Alberta.

The Abbotsford facility provides for the ex-situ biological treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated soil. The soil bioremediation facility has been audited and approved by most environmental consulting companies in BC.

The Burnaby facility is permitted by B.C. MoE for handling various hazardous wastes through incineration, stabilization and bioremediation. These include TDG Classes 2 to 9, hydrocarbon contaminated soil, water and waste oil.

The Edmonton facility is a hazardous waste transfer station permitted by Alberta Environmental Protection for all classes of hazardous wastes.

The Big Valley facility can handle all types of heavily contaminated solids and sludges such as oilfield waste filters and tank bottoms.

Environmental Contracting & Remediation Services

Sumas believes in being part of the solution.
Sumas Environmental Services Inc. (Sumas) is the only environmental service company in Western Canada to independently offer a wide range of options, including site remediation, on and off-site water treatment, on and off-site soil remediation and disposal, and hazardous waste transportation, treatment and disposal. Our commitment to providing reliable pricing, our vast experience in handling and safely disposing a wide variety of waste materials, and our ability to independently offer such a diverse range of equipment and technical expertise in-house sets Sumas apart from other environmental service company.

Priority on Health and Safety
Sumas is dedicated to protect the safety and health of our employees and the public against injury and illness from accidents occurring on and off the job site. To achieve this, Sumas has established a health and safety program that implements occupational safety and health concepts. Further, Sumas implements stringent protocols for its employees or other sub contractors working under the Sumas umbrella. Implementation of such a program is only effective when all employees are fully aware of the protocols and procedures. Sumas strives to achieve this end by implementing worker / management safety meetings and the most up to date training for all its staff and employees.

Sumas maintains a highly trained workforce and has extensive experience in dealing with a wide variety of chemicals. Our mandatory training for all personnel includes WHMIS, TDGR and personal protection equipment (PPE). Select personnel are also trained in OSHA and emergency first aid response. This commitment to staff training has earned us an impeccable safety record.

Cost Control
Sumas is committed to providing clients with reliable pricing for projects. Sumas has the experience and technical expertise to accurately appraise projects and assemble a work and project team to offer the best possible execution of the project requirements. This includes providing contingency pricing for possible situations that are foreseen to arise during the course of the work. Once the project objectives are determined, Sumas will ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget through well established time and cost management programs.

Diverse Equipment and Service
Sumas independently maintains a fleet of diverse equipment necessary for the many complicated tasks involved in on-site environmental contracting. It also offers a wide range of off-site waste disposal and treatment options. This makes Sumas the ideal choice for all environmental contracting requirements from UST decommissioning to excavation dewatering and treatment.

Sumas Environmental provides the full range of services needed to solve the environmental problems facing industry today. For additional information, or to find out more about Sumas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Range of Remediation Services
Soil Excavation, Treatment & Disposal
In-situ Site Remediation
Storage Tank (UST) Decommissioning
Bio-cell Construction & Management
Soil Stabilization
Vacuum Trucks
Water Treatment Systems
Equipment Supply & Rental

Soil Excavation, Treatment and Disposal
Fully permitted Sumas owned special waste and hazardous waste facilities ensure liability removal through highest level of quality control during handling, treatment, and final disposal in line with all regulatory requirements.

Sumas Environmental Services Inc. (Sumas) is the only full service environmental contractor in western Canada to independently offer the full range of environmental services in-house, including site remediation, on- and off-site water treatment, on- and off-site soil remediation and disposal, and hazardous waste treatment and disposal.

Sumas provides excavation plans for a variety of removal/remediation action projects with an emphasis on minimizing cost, disruption of facility operations, and overall excavation of soil by evaluating contaminant distribution and geological characteristics with the consultants.

The development of detailed excavation plans includes an evaluation of available subsurface data to determine the most appropriate method of removal. Depending on site-specific considerations, a variety of methods may be employed to facilitate the excavation including selective excavation, bench excavation, slot cutting or mass production excavation. Excavation procedures are designed to accommodate slope stability, lateral earth pressure, and potential surcharge from adjacent structures. Sumas also employs field screening techniques to assist in the segregation of impacted soils during excavation to consistently strive for volume reduction and to maximize reuse of suitable soils on-site.

Sumas operates and maintains a diverse fleet of equipment such as vacuum trucks, excavators, loaders, trucks, and various water treatment systems. Sumas personnel are highly technical and fully trained with years of experience in environmental and remediation services. By providing all services in house, Sumas can manage costs on time and ensure that the project is completed on time in the most cost effective way.

The presence of shallow groundwater or potential fluctuation in the groundwater table is a further consideration in an excavation. In cases where shallow groundwater contamination is present, Sumas has developed excavation dewatering and/or containment techniques that provide cost-effective measures in mitigating groundwater intrusion during soil removal activities.

Treatment Facilities
Sumas is a leading Western Canadian waste management and environmental service company specializing in waste treatment, site remediation and pollution prevention. These services include off-site treatment of contaminated soil, industrial and hazardous waste and wastewater, at our four treatment facilities in British Columbia and Alberta. Because Sumas can handle the full range of wastes in house, it has become one of the leaders in the environmental industry in Western Canada. Through its expansion of strategically located facilities and the diversity of innovative waste treatment systems, Sumas is extending its high standards of customer service through expanded options.

Cost Control
As a full service company with in-house disposal options, and responsible for providing the full range of environmental services both on- and off-site, Sumas can easily manage its operations and in turn keep prices low. By offering high QA/QC standards, and cost management programs, Cost Control can lead to savings for our clients.

Liability Management
Sumas operates its own permitted hazardous waste treatment facilities and transfer throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Wastes generated during clean-up or from industrial operations, can be immediately removed from the spill site and transferred to any one of our permitted Special Waste Hazardous Waste transfer stations, where Sumas will legally accept title to the waste. This mitigates long term liability of our clients.

Sumas is dedicated to liability removal through treatment.

In-situ Site Remediation
Vapor extraction is a highly effective method for treating volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in soil. The vapor extraction treatment process can be accomplished in-situ depending on contaminant distribution and geological characteristics. The treatment process involves the installation of extraction wells, and in some cases injection wells, and applying a vacuum to the soils in the contaminated region. Light petroleum hydrocarbons and VOCs are transferred to the vapor phase by induction of a negative pressure air stream.

The air is extracted by a vacuum blower or a vacuum pump. By creating negative pressure gradients in a series of zones within the soil, an airflow is induced which causes volatilization of the volatile hydrocarbons. The VOC laden air stream, together with the entrained moisture and dust, is extracted from the impacted soil to a vapor extraction system (VES). VOCs in the vapor stream are treated using granulated activated carbon, catalytic/thermal oxidation, or internal combustion engines.

Sumas also conducts in-situ remediation through dual phase vapor-liquid extraction process also referred to as Bioslurping. Bioslurping is an innovative in-situ remediation technology that utilizes an applied vacuum to recover Light Non-aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPL) through small diameter recovery piping (Slurp-tube) while simultaneously biodegrading adsorbed phase hydrocarbons in the vadose zone due to the inherent replenishment of oxygen that occurs. Aerobic conditions created by the addition of atmospheric oxygen creates a "bioreactor" degrading the smear zone contaminants in-situ.

Bioslurping and bioventing are proven in-situ remediation technology that have been successfully applied in many site remediation projects involving petroleum hydrocarbons. Sumas has mobile, skid-mounted units for rapid deployment, and the design/construct capabilities to accommodate a variety of project requirements.

Storage Tank (UST) Decommissioning
Sumas has successfully decommissioned hundreds of above ground and below ground storage tanks ranging in size from 1000 litres to 250,000 litres. Our complete service includes the removal and disposal by Sumas owned vacuum trucks of residual waste in the tanks, excavation and removal of the tank, followed by cleaning and recycling/disposal of the tanks.

In cases where contaminants are discovered, this will be removed by selective excavation and removal of the contaminated soil. The contaminated soil is placed in on-site bio-cells for treatment or loaded on trucks for off-site disposal at one of the Sumas owned facilities. Upon confirmation by the consultant that all contamination is removed, the excavation is backfilled, the fill compacted, and the site returned to existing surroundings.

Vacuum Truck Services
Sumas Environmental Services Inc. (Sumas) operates its own vacuum trucks to efficiently and cost effectively remove and transport liquid and semi solid waste materials (both hazardous and non-hazardous) from excavation, surface impoundment, dip tanks, chemical and fuel storage tanks, and other vessels. We also provide cleanup and sludge removal services for sumps and interceptors on a as needed or milk run basis.

Sumas' vacuum trucks are used in remediation work such as removal of fuels and sludge, drilling mud, excavation dewatering, and waste water removal. The content (wastewater, fuel, semi-solid waste, etc.) is transported to Sumas owned facilities for further treatment and/or disposal. The trucks are also used during industrial cleaning and high pressure washing of industrial equipment and chemical and fuel storage tanks.

Water Treatment Services
Sumas can design, build and operate water treatment systems for a number of applications, from industrial wastewater, to pump and treat systems at contaminated sites. Sumas also has a full range of water treatment equipment for rental.

Sumas Environmental Services Inc. (Sumas) is the only full service environmental contractor in western Canada to independently offer such a wide range of services as site remediation, on- and off-site water treatment, on and off site remediation at disposal, and hazardous waste treatment and disposal.

Off-Site Water Treatment
Sumas maintains and operates a fully permitted water treatment system at its Burnaby facility. The Burnaby water treatment system can effectively treat and remove a variety of contaminants from hydrocarbons to heavy metals from wastewater. Sumas provides our clients with competitive pricing for the off site treatment and disposal of contaminated water, which eliminates the often complicated process of obtaining and sire-specific discharge permit.

System components include gravity phase separation, filter press, pH adjustment, heavy metal flocculation and settling, and carbon filtration. Upon completion of treatment and confirmatory analysis, the water is discharged to the GVRD Sanity Sewer. The discharge is monitored on a regular basis and fully permitted by the GVRD under permit SC-100029-FSA.

On-Site Water Treatment
Our extensive waste treatment experience can be used to your benefit through our on-site water treatment systems. Sumas owns and maintains a rental fleet of on site water treatment equipment that can be mobilized to the site quickly and efficiently. Our systems are modular, so required components can easily be loaded onto transport vehicles and moved to your site quickly and efficiently. Also, different components can be tailored to meet the precise project treatment needs efficiently and cost effectively. Any redundant equipment can easily be decommissioned to reduce the financial burden on the project.